Bulk Soap Powder Vendor                                                   Made in England!  

New 2012 Model!

The soap vendor is designed to dispense a controlled quantity of powder when the correct coin is inserted. A plastic cup or beaker is placed under the nozzle to collect the powder. (These can be obtained very cheaply from your local cash & carry or powder supplier).

The quantity of powder dispensed is controlled by the operator who can vary the time the motor runs. This is often set either at a half-cup (usually for 20p) or whole cup (usually 50p). Economy bulk soap-powder can be obtained for around 10p per cupfull, giving a retained profit potential of about 80% - that is a 400% mark-up!

The vendor can be specified to operate on direct coin insertion, controlled from a central paypoint, or even push-button free vend. The standard coin acceptor takes a single coin of fixed denomination, and an option is an acceptor which will take any coin or token of the operator's choice.